• Smart Cities, Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness/Recovery
  • Trends Reshaping the Future of Mobility and Connectivity
  • Advanced Technologies Enabling the Future Customer Experience
  • Creating Seamlessly Integrated, Connected Mobility Operating Systems
  • Securing the Future of Mobility and Connectivity
  • Internet TV and OTT: Programming Everywhere
  • Getting Hacked: IoT and Beyond
    Smart Home Platforms: Providing Value Through Experiences
  • Voice-First Experience: Innovation and Disruption
  • Wireless: DSRC/5G, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Building a Smarter Home: Trends in Homebuilding and Energy Services
    5G and Entertainment
  • Ready for the 5G Wireless Revolution
    IoT to the Max, Thanks to 5G
  • How 5G Will Change Video Games
  • What IoT and 5G Bring to Retail
    Unlocking IoT with Blockchain
  • Mobile IoT Goes for Growth
  • IoT Business Models for Advance Services
  • Progressive Web-Apps mit Angular: hands-on
  • Machine Learning for iOS
    Kotlin vs. Java
  • Sharing Code between iOS and Android Apps
  • In a World of Pure Android Animation
  • Use C, C++ and Objective C libraries in a Swift project
  • Kotlin for Swift developers
  • Building a Multiplatform Kotlin Library
  • Architecting an app with MVP and ViewModels
  • let swift == val kotlin -> Why iOS is so important for Android, and vice versa
  • Android Studio Tips and tricks
  • Junit5: the next gen of testing, don’t stay behind
  • Firebase and Android Architecture Components: fit like a glove
  • Android Text, The Good The Bad and The ugly
  • Advanced Kotlin
  • Improving App Upgrade Rates & Reducing APK Size
  • Flutter for Android developers!
  • Android on Chrome OS: What you need to know
  • Performant Multiplatform Kotlin Serialization
  • Get Animated with Flutter!
  • React Native for Android Engineers
  • Static Code Analysis For Kotlin
  • Redux on Android, the nitty gritty
  • React Native Map
  • Native Mobile App Development vs
  • React Native- How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Business App?
  • Serverless mobile application development made with React Native and AWS MobileHub
  • Developing a Decentralised Global Ecosystem
  • Transforming the Insurance Industry with Blockchain
  • How AI and Blockchain Are Disrupting E-Commerce
  • How Companies are Industrializing the Blockchain and Where They Need to Go Next
  • How Can Blockchain Revolutionise Procurement?
  • Leveraging Blockchain for Financial Inclusion
  • Creating a New Standard of Trust in Transactions
  • Blockchain the Game Changer – Where Will the Biggest Impacts Be Seen?
  • Tokenisation of Everything
  • Performance Engineering on Enterprise Blockchain Application
  • Scaling a Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Using Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Developing Blockchain Applications with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer
  • Disruptive Technologies and the Evolvement of the Banking Industry
  • How To Create An AI System That Will Browse The Web Like A Human User
  • Managing Blockchain Networks with Microservices and Microgateways
  • Build a Lighting-Mirco Blockchain
    Beyond the ICO: How to create Total Value with Blockchain
  • Analyzing Blockchain and Bitcoin Transaction Data as Graphs
  • Bank Instruments on the Blockchain
  • AI Powered Recommendation & Search
  • AIOps: Foundation for Digital Transformation
  • From Machine Learning to Machine Teaching
  • Building High Performance Data Science Team and Capabilities
  • Building a Production-scale Machine Learning Platform
  • Agile for Data Science and Machine Learning
  • AI and ML in Product Search
  • AlphaGo Vs TensorFlow – Trí thông minh nhân tạo trong tay bạn
  • Thuật toán Minimax (AI trong Game)
  • Chatbot with AI Microservices with chatbot automation
  • Digital Operations Through AI-Driven Automation
  • From Mobile-First to AI-First
  • How AI Can Enable Mastery of Marketing’s 4 Ps: Product, Promotion, Place & Price ROI Strategies
  • DevOps for AI & Machine Learning Applications: Builds and Testing
  • Building a Real-time Natural Language Prediction Engine in your Browse


  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Methods for Geo-Spatial Analytics
  • Managing risk in Machine Learning
  • Building Deep Learning Applications with Amazon SageMaker
  • Natural language processing with deep learning
  • Ready, Set, Go: Using TensorFlow to prototype, train, and productionalize your models
  • The OS for AI: How Microservices & Serverless Enable the Next Gen of Machine Intelligence
  • Designing UI for AI for Unbiased Decision Making
  • Growth and User Engagement Empowered by Machine Learning
  • Democratizing Data Science & Machine Learning to the End-User
  • Designing Ethical AI Solutions
  • Your car is an IoT device – use it like one
  • Database-Driven Machine Learning
  • AI Enabling the Human
  • The Future of Entertainment with AI
  • Man & Machine: The Intersection Between Data & Business
  • Landing Page – Chiếc chìa khóa tăng doanh số vượt bậc
  • Làm marketing trong kỷ nguyên của những Influencer & Micro-influencer
  • Unifying Mobile With Your Omnichannel Experience
  • Làm sao để lấy kết quả tốt nhất từ A/B Testing
  • Ứng dụng Marketing Automation để tăng tỷ lệ chuyển đổi
  • Google Analytics – Đọc số để hiểu số và user insight
  • Real time A/B: câu chuyện tối ưu quảng cáo thời gian thực trên Facebook
  • How to Optimize Conversions with Google Analytics
  • How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence in Inbound Marketing
  • Programmatic Advertising: Đây sẽ là tương lai ngành quảng cáo
  • Đọc chỉ số và phân tích Insight, cách target, tối ưu Facebook Ads
  • Các quy luật mới cho Content Marketing
  • Digital Content Marketing: Báo Cáo 2018 & Xu Hướng cho 2019


  • Công việc thực sự của một Digital Marketer và đánh giá hiệu quả của chiến dịch Marketing
  • Thực trạng truyền thông số ở Việt Nam
  • Digital Marketing – Ước gì tôi biết những điều này từ sớm
  • How I build a 10000 likes fanpage in 1 month with zero cost
  • Sử dụng Machine Learning để tối đa hóa doanh thu từ Digital Marketing như thế nào?
  • Delivering The Ultimate Omnichannel Retail Experience
  • Social Listening: Understand what people talk on Social Network
  • Traffic Generation – How to start
  • Data Challenges in Logistics
  • Trust and Transparency in Advertising
  • Programmatic Advertising: The Future of Mobile Marketing
  • Maximizing Your Mobile User Retention
  • All In App Marketing
  • Tìm hiểu về A/B testing & A/B testing tool
  • Đánh giá chiến dịch marketing cho KOLs và Viral TVC trên Facebook + Youtube
  • 6 chiến dịch mà các apps Media và Entertainment cần thử
  • UIKit: Interactive Animation
  • AR/VR/MR Think Tank: Top Technology and Entertainment Companies
  • Blockchain and Advertising: The Possibilities and Realities
  • Gaming: The Killer AR/VR/MR App
  • The Augmented Reality Experience
  • Digital Transformation: Reinventing your Customer Relationships
  • Fireside chat: User Acquisition Automation


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