Trở lại với một hình thức mới nhưng những nội dung của các Decision Makers luôn giữ vững việc mang lại nhiều màu sắc và khía cạnh hấp dẫn bằng những nội dung chất lượng, không hề kém cạnh những Topics chuyên sâu trước đó. #VMD2020GoLive sẽ xoay quanh nhóm chủ đề chính:

1. Mobile App Marketing & Monetization

  • Why Real-Time Really Matters
  • Marketing Attribution: Where Budgets Go to Die
  • How To Build Your App’S Brand On The App Stores
  • Marketing Your App On The Tiktok Platform
  • Dealing With False Positive A/B Tests Results In Google Play Experiments
  • A Decision Tree Framework For App Store And Play Store Testing
  • Key Metrics To Measure The Impact Of Aso
  • How To Meet Consumers’ “Core Four Needs” Through Mobile
  • Understanding Your Ad Performance To Drive Conversion
  • How To Optimize Your Brand’s Mobile Experience For Voice Search?

2. Games Beyond Mobile: Phenomenon or Further?

  • Rethinking Mobile Adventure and Rediscovering the RPG
  • How and How Not to Score a Film-Game Hybrid
  • Building a World Class UA Program in Today’s Landscape
  • Colorful Characters: Working with Different Personalities in Game Development
  • Destructible Environments in ‘Control’: Lessons in Procedural Destruction
  • How I Built a Healthy and Engaged QA Team from Scratch
  • Motivation from Gameplay Behavior to Foster Long-Term Engagement
  • Building the Metaverse through User Generated Content and the Cloud

3. Shaping The Future of Mobile Tech

  • The Power of Open Blockchain
  • Why Digital Identity Is A Game Changer for Financial Services
  • How The Internet Of Things Will Transform Payments
  • Containers and Serverless Security- Past, Present and Future
  • Delivering Branch SD-WAN Internet Connections to the Cloud Efficiently and Securely
  • IoT is Coming. Are You Ready For It?
  • Understanding the Behavior of Time Series Data Using the Matrix Profile and Deep Learning
  • ML to Stop Synthetic Fraud
  • Understanding Text on Images at Scale
  • Generating the Best Game Experience through AI
  • The Future of Mobile Jobs
  • Need For Speed: Creating A Strategy For The Fastest Loading Mobile Site

4. Mobile Growth in Data-driven Era

  • A CDP Is Not Enough: The Customer Data Strategy Beyond The Technology
  • Second Party Data: What It Is, How It Works, And Why You Need It
  • Running App Cohort Analysis And Performance Marketing Analysis Using Python
  • Leveraging Data Touch Points To Create The Ultimate End To End Consumer Experience
  • Data Analytics and Databases for Games
  • How To Get Your Martech Stack To Share Data And Play Nicely
  • Programmatic In A Cookie-Less World: Alternatives To User Level Targeting.
  • Building the Data-Driven Customer Journey
  • The Customer Data Strategy Beyond The Technology
  • App User Centricity: Increasing Retention From 10% To 66% Using Data-Driven Product Development

5. Growth Hacking for E-commerce & Fintech

  • Emerging Tech Powering The Future Of Ecommerce
  • How The Personalisation Of Banking Will Change The Game
  • Harnessing Open APIs To Offer Best Of Breed Financial Services
  • Reinventing Finance – How Crypto Assets Create A Global, Fungible Market
  • eCommerce & mPayments Have Created a Huge Payments Ecosystem: Is It Time To Look At New Business Models
  • The Future of Customer Loyalty: In a Highly Competitive Retail Landscape, Why Will They Continue to Choose You?
  • Operating An Era Where Your Physical Store Feels Like a Website and Your Website Feels Like a Physical Store
  • Next Level Personalization: The Immersive, Hyper-Tailored Shopping Experiences Customers Crave

6. Evolution of Mobile Development, What’s next?

  • Using C in Kotlin: managing native dependencies in a multi-platform project
  • Dark side of Android apps modularization
  • Efficient Internationalization of Flutter Apps
  • Your first AOSP contribution
  • Building Highly Scalable Web and Mobile Applications
  • Developing Skills & Actions for Voice Assistants
  • How To Work with AWS Lambda in Swift
  • Building powerful Android apps with AWS Amplify
  • Deep Dive Into React Native
  • How to optimize multiple screen in different devices

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